forward lookup zone problem

michael michael at
Thu Jun 9 09:21:42 UTC 2005

I am having problems resolving short host names from windows xp clients. 
  It works from the server (freebsd 5.4/bind 9.3.1).
I get *** can't find x10: Non-existent domain from the 
workstations.  Can anyone see any problems with my file 
(Below).  This is my first attempt at learning bind and have been on 
google for a couple of hours now.  I appreciate any pointers.  Thanks


$TTL    3600

@       IN      SOA  (
                                20050608        ; Serial
                                3600    ; Refresh
                                900     ; Retry
                                3600000 ; Expire
                                3600 )  ; Minimum
@               IN      NS
x1      IN      A
ns1     IN      A
x09     IN      A
x10     IN      A
x11     IN      A
x12     IN      A

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