My Windows NS cannot resolv...

Schroeder, AJ aj1 at
Thu Jun 9 13:33:34 UTC 2005

<CihanS at> wrote in message news:d895jt$ig5$1 at
> MY windows server running 9.2.3 cannot resolv some of the .com domain
> names...e.g.
> But on the other hand same version on the Solaris can resolv...Is that
> related to root named servers? Can anybody help me with it? Thanks
> Cheers
Yes, most certainly does relate to that... I'm not sure of the file 
locations on Windows off-hand, but double-check the existence of 
'named.root' and also that it is populated with the correct information.

If this file does not exist or has bogus data in it, you can ftp download 
the /domain/named.root from and then rename it to your 


AJ Schroeder 

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