Split DNS issue

Jeff Reasoner jeff.reasoner at mail.hccanet.org
Fri Jun 10 14:03:00 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-06-10 at 01:06, Phil Dibowitz wrote:
> Hey folks,
> We have split DNS, and on our secondaries have 2 IPs each - and use one as a
> "transfer-source" to get the external view and a different IP as the
> "transfer-source" in the internal view.
> This works great mostly as expected execpte that notify's only seem to affect
> one view. When updates happen on the master and a reload is initiated, these
> servers seem to grab the internal view immediately, but the external view can
> take an hour or more.
> In each zone we specifically add the IP responsible for external to the notify
> list in the external zone, and the internal IP to the internal notify list.
> Note that the IPs are in the same subnet - we simply have two IPs so that it
> can pull both zones - all of our IPs are public.
> Any thoughts?

I inherited a similar problem and resolved it by using the also-notify
directive in one of the views. Here's a sample zone statement for my
second view from named.conf on my master:

        zone "ccesc.org"{
                type master;
                file "db.ccesc.org";
                allow-transfer {;; };
                notify yes;
                also-notify {; };

And the corresponding one from the slave:

  zone "ccesc.org"{
                type slave;
                file "db.ccesc.org";
                masters {; };

This zone view uses the address. The other view looks
similar except that it uses addresses. On rncd
reload/reconfig the zones load immediately.
Hope that helps!


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