Huge reverse-DNS-Trouble

Peter Guhl pgnews at
Thu Jun 9 07:39:18 UTC 2005

On Wed, 08 Jun 2005 12:30:37 -0500, /dev/rob0 <rob0 at> wrote:
> Peter Guhl wrote:
>> We are using bind 8.3.4. The DNS should provide reverse DNS for
>> but after 3 weeks the world still doesn't know about it.
> $ host
> domain name pointer
> $ host
> has address

This is how it should be everywhere.

>  > named.conf has been tested by myself and others and nobody saw an
>  > error. Does somebody have any idea what could have been happened?
> Perhaps something wrong in your local resolver settings?

Funnily enough everybody seems to get a different result. Some mailservers
tell us that our mails can't be accepted since the revers-dns isn't  
Therefore I guess the local resolver isn't much involved in that process.


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