how to obtain MX records for a domain

frank at nfurter.spam frank at nfurter.spam
Fri Jun 10 21:37:20 UTC 2005

The current ISC distribution has host.c / dighost.c which works fine,
but features the warning message;

 * Notice to programmers:  Do not use this code as an example of how
 * use the ISC library to perform DNS lookups.  Dig and Host both
 * on the request level, since they allow fine-tuning of output and
 * intended as debugging tools.  As a result, they perform many of the
 * functions which could be better handled using the dns_resolver
 * functions in most applications.

I want to obtain MX records for a domain, just as host.c does it. Is
there a less sophisticated example using dns_resolver functions,
because host.c / dighost.c apparently are not to be used as an
example, and they are more sophisticated than I require. Thanks.

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