axfr fails, telnet to 53 works

Barry Margolin barmar at
Sat Jun 11 01:06:43 UTC 2005

In article <d8avb4$j4l$1 at>, /dev/rob0 <rob0 at> 

> Sorry, this might be a routing or firewall issue, but I'm hoping perhaps 
> someone here can help anyway. I maintain my own internal DNS over a 
> network of VPN links. The master server died recently and I replaced it 
> with a machine on another IP. But I did bind the old IP,, to 
> the new master.
> The client at can't do a zone transfer. All the following 
> commands are on that machine. It can route there through the VPN:

Path MTU Discovery often fails through VPNs.  Maybe the old master 
server had its MTU reduced to accomodate this.  Try setting the MTU on 
the new master to 1400.

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