problem with resolving SOME EXTERNAL domains

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Tue Jun 14 16:22:51 UTC 2005

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> | <Ronan Flode> wrote:
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> | Hmm.
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> | (Question to group/list: does dig 9.3.1 rely on the configured
> resolver, | using gethostbyname or similar, to resolve the NS names to
> addresses, | ignoring any glue A in additional sections?  I've seen
> something that | does)
> dig does rely on a well maintained /etc/hosts file :)

That would come as a big surprise to the BIND development team.
dig and all of the other tools don't know or care about the
/etc/hosts file and wouldn't look at it. DNS was developed
to replace /etc/hosts files.

dig only looks at the /etc/resolv.conf if it needs to find the
nameserver to use (if not defined on the command line) and only
looks at the rest of the content if requested to.

> I did have problems digging and I did see the same problems with
> check_soa program from the O'Reilly book "DNS and BIND".
> There are some programmes that can read a zone file and build an
> /etc/hosts like file for you. Please read more on one of the following
> sites:
> Dont worry most of the documentation is english.
> After I had the glue records "added" to my /etc/hosts both
> dig and check_soa worked fine.

Then you have a different problem. It won't affect dig.


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