2 different nameserver addresses.

/dev/rob0 rob0 at gmx.co.uk
Tue Jun 14 17:15:12 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 14 June 2005 09:21, robburne at hotmail.com wrote:
> My site is hosted on my own server running at home. As I do not have
> any nameservers associated with my server I have the namesrvers for
> the domain that I am hosting pointing to a DNS hosting service. From

FYI this list / newsgroup is for those who run such DNS servers.

> here I am forwading to my own IP address.

I sense protocol confusion here.

> So at present my domain points to:

(Barry asked; the actual domain name would help us figure this out.)

> Now what I wanted to know is if I change the 2nd nameserver to
> another server that is hosting a backup of my site, will requests to
> my site be re-directed to the 2nd nameserver address in the event of
> my server being down?

My guess is that you're using an HTTP forwarding service. I am fairly 
confident that you are not on topic here. I would try to help if I 
understood the issue.

I will tell you, though, that NS records in DNS are used for name 
resolution only. It has nothing to do with HTTP, except that a browser 
needs to know an IP address, and nameservers use those NS records to 
find the IP address. I think your answer is "no".

You can have one DNS record name resolving to multiple IP addresses,
but that won't work as a failover; it would roughly distribute requests 
in a semi-random round robin fashion.
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