Fw: How to adjust TTL ? (Thanks.)

Sylvan Andrew sylvan_nids at norfolk.nf
Tue Jun 14 23:32:28 UTC 2005

Just wanted to say thanks to those who responded. Good karma your way.


 Could somebody please point this newbie in the right direction ?

 Where in named do I configure the TTL for resolved addresses ? For example 
if I ping www.google.com our DNS server resolves the address and everything 
is fine. But if I ping www.google.com again say after 2 hours of the first 
resolution it has to go off and resolve the IP again. Is that normal ? I 
would prefer for various network reasons it kept the first record it found 
in it's own table for at least 8 hours. Could somebody please tell me how to 
achieve this ?

Thanks very much !


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