remote rndc broken somehow...

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Thu Jun 16 23:11:57 UTC 2005

> Hi all,
> I have a weird problem that makes no sense from a troubleshooting perspective
> .
> On BIND 9.3.1 on Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP as the client 
> running rndc: One of my team members here that admins our name 
> servers all of a sudden cannot use rndc from her workstation to 
> remotely admin two of three of our name servers. As far as we can 
> tell, nothing changed that should affect that. The only recent change 
> we made was limiting recursion, but that should have no effect as 
> inet control channel is allowing her IP address since it is in the 
> same /24 that all of our other working machines are in.
> When talking to server 1 and 3 issuing any rndc command, it complains 
> that the connection was refused and the protocol on the server might 
> be old or the key incorrect. I know the key is correct because it 
> works on name server 2 which has the same key in the config file. 
> I've even copied the rndc.conf file from my own working machine to 
> hers and updated all the binary files and dll's for rndc on her 
machine and still she can only talk to ns2. Everyone else as far as I 
> know has no problems with all three servers including myself.
> In the logs I see this:
> 16-Jun-2005 12:43:49.020 general: invalid command from 
> expired
> (IP is masked)
> So the server is seeing an invalid command coming from the machine 
> running rndc... I thought because the key was invalid, but as I said, 
> it works on one server that has the same key and I've copied the 
> rndc.conf containing the key to her machine and verified it's 
> actually using that copy with no difference in results.
> What does "expired" mean at the end of the log entry? That might give 
> me some clue.
> I'm kind of stumped. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
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