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Peter Dambier peter at peter-dambier.de
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Hi Alex,

Alex Tang wrote:
| Hi everybody
| I have a domain which is using a wrong serial number in SOA.
| 20050610001

There are no wrong numbers. Putting the date into the serial number is just
a convention for people with to many domains to keep them consistent.

A problem might be long integer overflow. Your primary bind 9 nameserver
takes care of that. That is why it reports a different number to its slaves.

| the length of serial number is longer than the definition in RFC1912=20
| when I query the domain SOA record from other name server, it shows the =
| serial number is
| 2870740817
| I want to modify to the serial with correct length
| e.g 2005061001

Good idea. You never know what next version of bind will do with this number.

| Does it has any problem in domain query by other name server after =
| modify to correct length=20
| or should I modify it with
| 2870740818 in the SOA record.


If you stay with 20050610001 and make it 20050617001 then your
nameserver will show 2870747818 to its slaves. That is perfectly

Other nameservers, resolvers will not look at your SOA record. They are not
interested in your version number.

Your own slaves, machines that copy your zonefile, will look at your serial
number. Only if this number ist bigger than the number they have stored in
their slave.zone file then they will load your new zone file.

If you really want to change to different numbering then change your primary
zone file. Then restart bind.

Now on your slaves simply delete the slave.zone file and restart their bind.

If you are afraid then edit the slave.zone file and make it serial number 42
then restart the slave bind. It will come up with 42 as long as it cannot load
the new zone file. As soon as it sees your new zone file it will update.

| Please help
| thx very much
| Alex Tang
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