3rd view or mulithomed or another way?

Jim Pazarena bind at ccstores.com
Fri Jun 17 16:30:21 UTC 2005

I have two slaves being updated each with two views all from one

I now have a 3rd subnet, which has independent connectivity to the 'net,
but I would like it to hit my mail server which is on a different subnet.

I put a second ethernet card in the mail server, gave it an appropriate
address for the 3rd subnet, and plugged it into the switch for the 3rd 

My problem is that if I dual-home the mail server DNS, then wouldn't the
two subnet IPs be handed to everyone, and the outside world will (possibly)
hit the 3rd subnet IP? I want this 3rd subnet to be as clean from 
outside world
traffic as possible. I know that I could create a 3rd view, but it's a 
lot of work
for just one machine.

I have about 80 windows machines on this 3rd subnet, and aside from 
having them
all change their mail server IPs to match the new subnet which is far 
from ideal,
I  can't figure out the least complicated way to accomplish this.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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