Few questions on SDB interface

Lokesh K KLokesh at novell.com
Mon Jun 20 09:21:51 UTC 2005

I have few questions on SDB interface wrt to its functionality and
developing SDB drivers. If this is not the right forum to post these
questions, please direct me to the right forum. 
Coming to SDB questions:
1. From the basic SDB documentation available with BIND sources, it is
clear that, SDB doesn't support dynamic updates. Does it mean that, for
zones using sdb, named doesn't support zone transfers (both ixfr and
axfr) also?
2. If we ignore dynamic updates, does named support all other features
(like dnssec, and database versioning) on zones using sdb Or is it the
responsibility of SDB driver to take care of these features also?
Thanks in Advance,

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