Problems on having installed bind 9.2.3

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Tue Jun 21 14:19:41 UTC 2005

> Hello;
> On having fulfilled the make the following one goes out for me
> warnning of the following type:
> dispatch.c:673: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break
> strict-aliasing rules

	So why are compiling code two revisions behind current?
> After I can realize in make install without problems, but where I
> install it me it(he,she) does not appear this fich: named-xfer,
> named-bootconf, dnskeygen, ndc.

	named-bootconf is in contrib.  The rest are from BIND 8 and
	have been replaced or are nolonger needed.

	named-xfer is no longer needed, use dig if you need to manually
	transfer a zone.
	dnskeygen is replaced by dnssec-keygen (note you need 9.3 for the
	current DNSSEC support).
	ndc is replaced by rndc

	I would look in doc/misc/migration as mentioned in README before
	going further.

> I am installing the dns in Solaris 9
> Thanks
> Igor
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