DHCP + BIND : DDNS problem

Jojo jdptr at cleanthisfree.fr
Tue Jun 21 12:52:34 UTC 2005

Hi everyone,

I'm totally new at this and I want to master this. But i have a 
Running DHCPD and BIND, i can't manage to make dynamic dns work.

I have this setup in my dhcpd.conf (just a excerpt of course ;) :
ddns-update-style interim;

and in my named.conf :
zone "lyon.atempo.dk" {
	type master;
	file "pri/lyon.atempo.dk";
  	allow-update {; }

The dhcp and dns services are running on the same host.

What I can see in the error output terminal is :

Unable to add forward map from johndoe.lyon.atempo.dk to 
ip.of.john.doe : timed out

Have you got some hints to advice me ?

Thanks by advance, cheers !

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