Alternatives to BIND?

Auer, Karl James karl.auer at
Wed Jun 22 12:38:02 UTC 2005

Hi there.

This issue with BIND losing queries during cache cleaning and while
downloading zones is really irritating us. I've done a bit of a look
around and have found several alternatives to BIND, some caching only,
some auth only, some both. I've seen Nominum ANS/CNS, djbdns, NDS,
PowerDNS, MaraDNS.

If you know of alternatives (or even better, have used alternatives) I'd
be most interested in your off-list comments. I haven't looked at the MS
offering, but I have to confess that's because I'm prejudiced. If people
have had good experiences with it I'll grit my teeth and look at it more

If I get substantive answers I'll summarise to the list.

Current approach is: install 9.3.1 (compiled with internal malloc()),
separate authoritative from caching operations, set cache cleaning to 24

Regards, K.

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