SOA and reverse map on same server....Security issues?

Brad Knowles brad at
Wed Jun 22 21:14:10 UTC 2005

At 8:04 PM +0000 2005-06-22, Mike Sponsler wrote:

>  Are there any security issues (or overall advantages) to having an SOA
>  server for a bunch of domains and a seperate server doing the reservse
>  zone mapping?  I know that its generally a good idea to seperate as
>  man DNS functions as possible to make it more secure.  But will
>  placing the SOA and reverse mapping on different DNS servers really
>  matter?

	You need to separate authoritative from caching functions, but 
beyond that you're not going to get any further additional security 
benefits by separating forward from reverse DNS services.

	Go ahead and put them both on the same server.  You'll be fine.

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