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Thu Jun 23 21:01:21 UTC 2005

On Thursday 23 June 2005 14:14, Robert Cates wrote:
> there seems to be different ways of DNSing your domain name, but I've


> always known it to be that '' has to be entered as an A
> record to ever/even exist,

No, this is not required. Look at "com." for an example. All that is 
required is the NS and SOA. Most people need an MX, and with the rise 
of SPF ( a TXT record is a good idea. (I do not advocate 
use of SPF in mail processing, but I do publish SPF for my own zones.)

> and 'www' would be entered as an alias 
> (CNAME) to the A record ''. 

That's often a convenient way to set it up, but again, not required.
For that matter a "www" record is not required. The Internet does not 
revolve around the use of HTTP.
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