problem with CNAME's on external caching server thru firewall

Barry Margolin barmar at
Thu Jun 23 22:43:10 UTC 2005

In article <d9embf$uk3$1 at>, Michael Coxe <mcoxe at> 

> I setup an external caching server, which forwards to internal
> servers, to support some systems outside the firewall which
> need to perform internal DNS lookups.
> The caching server can perform A & PTR lookups fine, but CNAME
> lookups fail.
> Is there something fundamentally different about a CNAME lookup?
> All DNS servers are running bind 9.2.3.
> We have port 53/UDP & TCP open thru firewall, etc.

No, there's nothing special about CNAME lookups.  The only thing special 
about them is that the server will follow them automatically, unless you 
explicitly query for type CNAME or ANY.

Can you tell us the server IP and show some example queries that you 
expect to work?

If you query the internal server manually from the external server, do 
CNAME queries work?

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