managing bind 9.3.1 with SMF on solaris 10?

Lyle Tagawa Lyle.Tagawa at
Fri Jun 24 13:23:48 UTC 2005

> bind-9.2.4, which was controllable w/ the SMF commands. Then,  I
> downloaded both the precompiled bind-9.3.1 and its source from
>  Either way I install the newer version of bind, I
> cannot get SMF to recognize it is there.  Of course, the old version =

In short, SUNWbindr contains the BIND SMF manifest, which installs to=20

Make a copy of the .xml in the same directory and edit it:
 - change the instance name from 'default'=20
 - edit the exec param in the exec_method with the new path and=20
   your specific named cmd-line params
 - you can edit the user/group in the method_credential
 - if you chroot, add proc_chroot in the method_credential privileges

svccfg import your new .xml manifest
svcadm enable dns/server-${your instance name}
svcs -x dns/server-${your instance name}

if you chroot, you might want to change the dependencies in your new=20
instance to look for a different path.

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