modifying bind

Mike A dev at
Fri Jun 24 18:50:46 UTC 2005

  i am currently trying to code an option like $GENERATE but instead of
generating the records in advance, it would generate them on the fly and
cache them. Currently i have code in place that generates a hostname from a
requested IP address however i am not sure how to get bind to add it to the
cache and return the generated hostname as a ptr record.

The code to generate the hosts on the fly was inserted inside the else
statement in lib/dns/rbt.c around line 1028. As far as i know, this
populates the foundname with the generated hostname but doesn't do anything
in regards to adding a record to the rb tree or getting bind to return this

Can anyone tell me what is needed to make bind return the result generated
in the foundname variable or give some hints to find out?

If this is the wrong place to be asking, could someone suggest a better

thanks in advance,

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