modifying bind

Danny Mayer mayer at
Sat Jun 25 19:33:43 UTC 2005

Mike A wrote:
> Hi,
>   i am currently trying to code an option like $GENERATE but instead of
> generating the records in advance, it would generate them on the fly and
> cache them. Currently i have code in place that generates a hostname from a
> requested IP address however i am not sure how to get bind to add it to the
> cache and return the generated hostname as a ptr record.
> The code to generate the hosts on the fly was inserted inside the else
> statement in lib/dns/rbt.c around line 1028. As far as i know, this
> populates the foundname with the generated hostname but doesn't do anything
> in regards to adding a record to the rb tree or getting bind to return this
> host.
> Can anyone tell me what is needed to make bind return the result generated
> in the foundname variable or give some hints to find out?
> If this is the wrong place to be asking, could someone suggest a better
> alternative?

bind-workers at is probably a better place.
I'm not saying whether or not this is a good idea.


> thanks in advance,
> Mike

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