Changing authoritative nameserver IPs

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Sun Jun 26 00:27:38 UTC 2005

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> On Jun 25, 2005, at 04:19, Barry Margolin wrote:
> > You know really means TLD servers.  And for the purpose of answering 
> > his
> > questions, the distinction between root and TLD servers is not very
> > significant.
> That may be so.
> However it's important that people understand there's a difference 
> between the root and TLD name servers.

Why?  As far as end users are concerned, there are the servers that host 
their domains and the servers that do the delegation.  The fact that it 
takes two sets of delegations to get to *.com is just an implementation 
detail that has absolutely no impact on the domain owners.

The root servers used to host most of the GTLDs.  When they split their 
roles, it had little noticeable effect on DNS users.

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