Some hints on DNS config?

Kimi Ostro kimimeister at
Sun Jun 26 17:04:41 UTC 2005

On 6/26/05, Gregory Hicks <ghicks at> wrote:
>         IN  PTR   localhost.
> The db.127.0.0 file is so that the local loopback interface can be
> correctly resolved..

Yeah, I have something fairly similar. Is this all a caching-forwarder
needs to know? or should it know about the private network it is
connected to?

> In Bind 9.x, the root zone "hints" are compiled into BIND so the
> necessity for the hint zone is not as stringent, but BIND works better
> if you tell it what to expect.  The hints file does not need frequent
> updating since, as long as ONE server is reachable, Bind will populate
> the rest from info received from the reachable server.  (Maybe update
> once every two or three years or so...)


So, if I removed the root zone hints from my master nameserver leaving
only my network and host names, but still had the root zones on the
caching-forwarder, it should still work?

The part I am trying to work out is how or what happens if a client
resolver requests something from the slave nameserver, but does not
have the information, not does the master.. how does it go to the
caching-forwarder nameserver? really just trying to minimise any
potential dns poisoning, etc.

> Regards,
> Gregory Hicks



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