Resolving a specific domain cause problems

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Mon Jun 27 12:50:06 UTC 2005

The domain is specific to mobile packet switched networks:
The last part of this domain is standarized by 3GPP (mncxxx.mccxxx.gprs) the
first three is the APN (access-point name). In our DNS we have a domain
gprs., could this conflict with specific domain?

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Onderwerp: Re: Resolving a specific domain cause problems

At 1:02 PM +0200 2005-06-27, a.r.kuiters at wrote:

>  We've a problem with a specific domain, our DNS will not resolve it. It
>  seems that once in an hour we are getting a response from the authoritive
>  DNS which results in the unreachability of the whole domain.
>  We're running BIND 9.2.0. Does anybody has an idea of what goes wrong

	There's a whole host of things that could be wrong.  But without 
giving us the name of the domain you're having problems with, that 
keeps us from being able to give you a whole lot of help.

	First off, 9.2.0 is pretty old, and I think there are some fairly 
important security holes that are known to be in that code.  If 
you're going to stick with the 9.2.x tree, you should at least update 
to the latest version.  You could also update to the latest version 
of the 9.3.x tree.  After updating, if you still have a problem, let 
us know.

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