Potential Problems - ISP building 'root mirrors'

Steve Mueller smuellerPLEASE at NOsbcSPAM.com
Mon Jun 27 16:34:46 UTC 2005

I've been tasked with looking into the root mirrors my predecessor put
place. I think this is a really bad idea, but some pointy haired person
wrote up an executive report that said the root servers are a DoS attack
away from bringing our network to a halt.

Like I said, I don't really agree with this whole idea, but I'm going to
stay as openminded about it as possible until I see some data/facts.

Anyone got some references on this? Links, Presentations, general 
awareness regarding this topic.

I've seen (and saved) discussions on this I found in posts of Usenet
past. Good info there.

If we're going to keep doing this, I want to insure it is done right.
If we shouldn't be doing this at all, I need to backup my thoughts with
some cold hard facts.

Steve Mueller

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