Multi Threading in Bind 9.3.1 beta2

Stephen Williams williamss at
Mon Jun 27 18:02:03 UTC 2005

Hey all I need some help with multi threading in  Bind 9.3, I have 
always assumed that when one compiles anything and there is an option to 
configure it with threading enabled that this was usually talking about 
threading across multiple procs and not multiple daemons, which I 
believe to be the case with this version of Bind. Is the the previous 
statement true?? If so I may have an issue, not sure yet, for some 
reason when under heavy load I spawn another daemon ( instance of Bind 
), yet I never have cleanup, the process never dies off which in turn 
make my CPU/MEM consumption high. With that said is what I am 
experiencing normal, if not is this a documented bug that I have just 
yet to find?

Thanks All

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