MX record on separate DNS server?

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Mon Jun 27 23:48:02 UTC 2005

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> I have very specific problem.
> I have a DNS zone hosted on a DNS server and the configuration of that
> server is managed by web hosting control panel which does not allow me
> to add custom A and MX records.
> Is there a way to setup additional DNS server for these zones but only
> to resolve  my custom DNS records and to forward all other queries to
> original DNS servers?

No.  DNS distribution is by zone, i.e. the hierarchy of *names*.  
There's no distribution based on record types -- all the records 
associated with a particular name come from the same servers.

If your DNS provider doesn't do what you want, get a different one.  
There's no reason why you have to have your DNS managed by your web 
hosting provider.

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