sub-domain views

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Mon Jun 27 23:48:48 UTC 2005

Depends on your exact definition of those words. It's certainly possible 
to skip a domain level in your delegations, e.g. can 
be delegated from, in which case the intermediate level 
of the hierarchy -- -- does not exist as a zone in 
that view. It could, at the same time, be defined as a zone in some 
other view. So, technically would "belong" to one 
view, and its "parent", i.e., would "belong" to another.

But if you're asking whether some *undelegated* subdomain can be 
"rerouted" from one view to another, then the answer is no -- zones are 
attached to views in an all-or-nothing fashion. You can't attach part of 
a zone to one view and the remainder of the zone to another view...

                                                         - Kevin

Ronnel P. Maglasang wrote:

>Is it possible to configure a subdomain to belong to
>a view which is different from the view of the parent
>domain in BIND9? Has anyone tried this?
>Any help greatly appreciated.
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