Secondary with two views only updates one view on notify

Andreas Sachs andilist at
Tue Jun 28 16:04:34 UTC 2005

i have a problem with the following nameserver setup.

The first nameserver has no views (only the default view). It is the prima=
ry server for a couple of domains.

The secondary nameserver has two views (internal and external).
It is primary for some domains, with different data in the externel and in=
ternal view.
It is the secondary server for domains on the first server. Both views sho=
uld contain the same data for this domains.=20

view internal {
      match-clients {
        include "/etc/bind/zones.primary.internal.conf";
        include "/etc/bind/zones.secondary.conf";
view external {
        match-clients {any;};
        include "/etc/bind/zones.primary.external.conf";
        include "/etc/bind/zones.secondary.conf";

This setup works fine, as long as nothing changes on the primary server.

If i change something on the primary (and update the serial number) a noti=
fication is send to the secondary and the zonefile is transferred. If i lo=
ok into the zone-file on the secondary, i can see the changes.

If i query the secondary nameserver from a client with an externel IP, i g=
ot the new data. But if i query the secondary from a client with an intern=
al IP, i get the OLD data.

How can i refresh the internal view?


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