No Slave Servers?

John McGowan mcgowan at
Wed Jun 29 15:42:57 UTC 2005

Our BIND servers are all master servers.

It's like that because our named.conf and .zone files are part of a CVS 
repository which includes an ant build.xml file

Our process is to checkout the repository, make the appropriate changes, 
check in the changes, and do an "ant push" to push all the files to all 
of our dns servers.  This way I don't have to maintain a different 
named.conf file for slave servers, the configs are all identical.

I am by no means an expert in this field, just a software developer 
forced to wear the sysadmin hat every once in a while.  Am I missing 
something by not setting up slave servers?  I ask because that seems to 
be quite a hot topic on this list... (which is partly why I like my 
config... I haven't had to ask many questions about it)


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