Named stops responding after reboot?

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Wed Jun 29 22:52:07 UTC 2005

Just to follow up on my own post (wiping the egg off my glasses):

I guess I hadn't rebooted the machine EVER since it was first set up, 
because right after I set it up, I must have done two things:

killed iptables
killed named and restarted it bypassing the chroot

When the machine was restarted, the default rc.d settings were as James 
suspected...BIND set to run in a chroot jail. I had forgotten that I had 
manually bypassed that later.

I also forgot that I had manually killed iptables (I know it's bad, but the 
server's behind a firewall...I had intended to get iptables reconfigured 
back when I first set up BIND but forgot!)

So, killing iptables and using /usr/sbin/named brought it back to life.

You may all flame me for being a newbie 'tard now <g>.

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> At a guess your FC2 was configured to run named chrooted.  Try stoping
> it and restarting with:
> /etc/rc.d/init.d/named start
> If my guess is wrong, then so is my suggestion.
> aklist_bind at wrote:
>>Hi All: I had a relatively new install of Fedora Core2 with BIND 9.2.3
>>running for a few months without incident.
>>I recently had to move the server and powered it off. When I rebooted it,
>>named did not start automatically.
>>I'm at a remote location and am able to SSH into the server. I started 
>>/usr/sbin/named -c /etc/named.conf -u named
>>and there were no errors in the syslog, just:
>>Jun 29 11:38:13 default named[2310]: using 1 CPU
>>Jun 29 11:38:13 default named[2310]: listening on IPv4 interface lo,
>>Jun 29 11:38:13 default named[2310]: listening on IPv4 interface eth0,
>>Jun 29 11:38:13 default named[2310]: command channel listening on
>>which is what I'd expect to see.
>>If I dig @localhost for a local domain I get the correct response.
>>If I dig @ I also get a correct response.
>>If I dig for a non-local domain I also get a good response.
>>But if I try to connect from anywhere else, I get:
>>"failed, couldn't connect to nameserver"
>>And it's not responding to any queries from any other box, either on the
>>local subnet or outside. It's also not responding to update requests from 
>>slave outside the subnet.
>>Sorry for the lack of detail...let me know if there's any more info I can
>>provide that will help in diagnosing the problem!
>>TIA, Andrew

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