Issues with rndc not picking up zone changes

Kvetch kvetch at
Thu Jun 30 18:13:09 UTC 2005

We are using BIND 9.3.0 for our DNS servers and are using a DNS management 
program called ProBind to handle updates and changes to the zone files.
We are experiencing intermittent problems with BIND not loading changes to 
the zone files after the Probind program runs the "rndc -c rndc.conf reload" 
command via ssh. I can see in the BIND logs where ProBind pushes out the new 
named.conf and I can verify that the new versions of the zone files are 
being put on the DNS servers. In the named logs, I see:
general: loading configuration from '/etc/named.conf'

However, I don't always get the zone file reload in the log file similar to:
general: zone <>: loaded serial 
notify: zone <>: sending notifies 
(serial 2005062907)

This issue only happens intermittently. Is this a known issue with rndc 
reload? Has anyone else seen this behavior?
I know we can always stop and restart the named service to force a total 
zone reload, but I'd rather use the rndc reload since it only affects the 
files that are updated (when it works properly...).


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