designing man dns archit, ? about stub reverse lookup

mmccaws2 mmccaws at
Thu Jun 30 20:19:43 UTC 2005

Using subdomains and dns stub capabilities, I am trying to create a DNS
architecture that will satisfy the multiple subdomain requirements we
have.  Of course this is a mixed legacy and M$ environment.  I have
many sites with multiple departments, and of course each department
with their own AD-forest domain. ( I inhereted this) Currently we're
using public addressing and VLSM.  So we have user vlans with 23 to 28
bit masks.  With the current ip addressing each dept doesn't necesarily
have thier own CIDR block.

So I'm trying to understand the limits of Stub DNS services.

Can you create a reverse lookup range in a Stub server to resolve half
a class C say and have it forward queries beyond 128 to
the primary DNS server?  I would think this is against the RFCs.  Even
so, is there software that allows this to happen.

The answer to that question will tell me if we have to re-address.

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