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Barry Margolin barmar at alum.mit.edu
Wed Mar 2 05:35:47 UTC 2005

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> Hi all,
> i am new to the list, and am facing some problem.
> my scenario:
> FC1 + BIND (9.2.4)
> I have registered my domain (tech-solindia.com) and by default the
> doamin has ns1.net4domain.com and ns2.net4domain.com as the
> authoritative name servers for this domain.
> I have setup a separate server running FC1 with bind-9.2.4 to be have
> master zone for tech-solindia.com
> Problem:
> When ever i try to change the nameserver settings for the mentioned
> domain to point to my server (dns.tech-solindia.com) it just fails.
> The reason given to me by the domain server provider is that since we
> are unable to ping to dns.tech-solindia.com the operation if failing.
> How do i change the nameserver to point to my nameserver in this case.
> Please help me.
> my named.conf and the zone file is attached

No they're not -- attachments are filtered out by this list.

But what makes you even think they're relevant.  The reason given to you 
by your DNS provider is that they can't ping your server.  This has 
nothing to do with your DNS configuration files -- it means something is 
filtering ICMP (do you have a firewall?).

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