BIND 9.x caching Performance under heavy loads

Michael Lang michi+bind-users at
Wed Mar 2 07:31:25 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-03-01 at 16:59 -0500, Srini Avirneni wrote:
> We are looking to hear peoples experiences with heavily loaded caching
> servers (> 2500 queries/Sec) running on linux (RH ES 3.0 Kernel
> 2.4.x). We have used various builds of BIND 9.x (9.2.3, 9.2.4, 9.3.0,
> 9.3.1rc1) and also 8.4.5.
> Our results show in all cases that BIND falls on its face with CPU
> time increasing from 20% at startup to 80+ % over 24 hour period.
> Cache Size typically ranges from 800MB to 1GB. Expermenting with lower
> cache sizes showed no improvement.

we are only getting about ~1100 Q/s but are also running in the same
Problem after a certain amount of time. 
Which setting now works (for about 2 Weeks), was to set 
 "cleaning-interval  0;" 

in the config, as debugging the Process always showed that the
memorycleaner didnt get finished intime.

I hope this helps for you too. Please let us know.
Kind regards
Michael Lang

> Any shared experience is welcome.
> thanks
> -S

Michael Lang <michi+bind-users at>

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