zone refresh queued !!

Jim Reid jim at
Wed Mar 2 10:32:06 UTC 2005

>>>>> "raj" == raj kumar gurung <rajkumar at> writes:

    raj> Hi i have a primary and secondary name server ..I am having
    raj> problem with reloading in secondary..The problems is !) i
    raj> changed the zone file in primary and also increased the
    raj> serial there.  2) i reloaded in the secondary with rndc.  but
    raj> it doesnt give error but says "zone refresh queued " and the
    raj> zone is not uploaded.

    raj> Wont #rndc reload zone ,automatically uploads the zone from
    raj> primary ??

Not necessarily. But you already know that.

Check the master name server. Perhaps it failed to load the zone:
maybe you made a syntax or configuration error. Perhaps you messed up
the serial number so that the new one is actually older than the
current one. Maybe there's a connectivity problem between the master
and slave servers that's blocking zone transfer traffic. Consult the
list archives for answers to this very frequently asked and answered

FYI "rndc retransfer <zone-name>" can force a retransfer of a zone.

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