bind configuration to external web server - help required

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Sat Mar 5 02:16:28 UTC 2005

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> Our web server is now hosted externally, along with our domain name.  We are 
> still using the same domain name space internally, along with the old web 
> server.
> Internally my users are accessing the internal web server, while externally 
> users are accessing the external web server.  I would like decomission the 
> internal web server but am trying to change the IP address for the web 
> server to the external IP address.
> This does not work, and users are still accessing the internal server for 
> whatever reason.
> Can someone please suggest how they are still accessing the internal server 
> when the A record now points to the external DNS.  And how do I set it up so 
> users can access the external web?

Does your firewall perform an automatic redirect from the external web 
server's address to the internal address?

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