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> > > Other registries, like the ".fr" registry, never requires a name
> > > server registration so, whatever the registrar, you do not have to
> > > register name servers.
> > 
> > How do glue records get into the .fr servers if you don't have to 
> > provide the server information?
> Sorry for my poor english. What I meaned was there is no separate name
> server registration. Nameservers are recorded in the database only if
> they are necessary (i.e. if they are in the zone they serve).

But you have to give that information to the registrar, don't you?  And 
if you do, some registrars may make you perform it in a separate step, 
while others might let you do it in conjunction with registering the 

There's no necessary correlation between the registry's database 
organization and the processes you have to go through with the registrar 
(unless a particular registry only allows a selected registrar).

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