free dns and free dynamic ip updater

val pritchard72 at
Wed Mar 9 03:46:14 UTC 2005

I am looking for a single service, or a combination, that will provide
me with free DNS service as well as a free dynamic ip updater.

I plan to host several toplevel domains on my own server which is
currently assigned a dynamic ip from my isp.  I know my ip will change
occassionally but if I do not have an automatic ip updater I will
occassionally have downtime on the domains I host and this would be
bad for my business and more importantly, my customers.

I know there are several sites which allow me to subscribe to
non-toplevel domains and these places do provide dynamic ip updaters. 
One example is dynsev
I can subscribe, for free, to domains such as or etc.  Very easy but is there a way to have all
these great services for toplevel domains and still have them free?

Let me know if this is only available in my dreams.


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