lwresd timeout problem

Uwe Gansert ug at suse.de
Fri Mar 11 16:42:37 UTC 2005


I have the lwresd running with no lwresd.conf. This is working fine so far =
the forwarders are fetched from the /etc/resolv.conf file. The problem is,=
when the network is going down, none of the nameservers is reachable anymor=
(of course) and the root name servers are unreachable too. The problem now=
is, that it takes very long (30 seconds) until lwresd is returning an error=
on queries. I don't expect that it resolves any names of course but since a=
nameserver machines are unreachable, I would like to get an error immediate=
and not after 30 seconds. Is there any way to solve this?
I'm using bind 9.3.0 on a Linux system, running on an Intel Pentium machine.

ciao, Uwe Gansert

Uwe Gansert, Server Technologies Team
SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Maxfeldstrasse 5, D-90409 N=FCrnberg, Germany
e-mail: uwe.gansert at suse.de, Tel: +49-(0)911-74053-0,
=46ax: +49-(0)911-74053-476, Web: http://www.suse.de     =20

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