MS DNS - Internal WWW Resolving to External IP

Carl Parsons carl.parsons at
Sat Mar 12 11:41:49 UTC 2005

rich251076 at wrote:

> For the purpose of describing my problem we have a domain called,
> :)
> In my domain I have one MS DNS Server. This sever allows my users to
> resolve internal hostnames and if they wish to browse the internet, the
> DNS server forwards to my ISP's DNS servers so users can resolve the
> desired websites.
> I have an IIS web server in the DMZ on our network. External users,
> customers and so forth have no problems browsing to my website hosted
> on this machine.
> When my internal users try to resolve the website they never get to the
> machine.
> Tests show that:
> 1. Internal users can get into the website if they put the internal IP
> address of the site into their browser
> 2. NSLOOKUP for on their machines resolved the
> external IP of the site
> I have entered an ANAME record on my DNS server for,
> however when I perform an NSLOOKUP for it still
> resolved to the external IP.
> My questions are as follows:
> 1. Why can't my internal staff get see our website when they resolve it
> using the external IP, is some kind of loopback happening in the
> firewall e.g. traffic is going out and coming back in?
> 2. How can I setup MSDNS to resolve to the internal
> ANAME entry I created?

I always put www.mydomain.localnet for the internal net as I got exactly the
same problem.

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