Nonexistent zone respond on query

Uddenhed, Marcus marcus.uddenhed at
Tue Mar 15 09:40:43 UTC 2005


Thanks for your response and yes it proved to be our firewall That
messed it up real good.

There where 2 entries pointing to same server but one of the with a
strange pointer resulting in that the internal ip was shown sporadically
on the outside making the dns servers act weird.

Marcus Uddenhed=20

WebMaster / WebDeveloper

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> Hello!!
> =20
> I have a strange occurrence on our dns servers.
> =20
> It's like this:
> =20
> on our servers we have a pointer to our webmail like this:
> =20
> Forward lookup:
> webmail                 IN A    x.x.x.111
> =20
> Reverse lookup:
> 111                       IN PTR
> =20
> =20
> When we do a dig against our server from an external server it doesn't

> report the above address it reports the internal address instead but=20
> when i do the on the dns server it reports the correct one.
> =20
> But if we change the pointer above to 112 it suddenly report the right

> IP from the external server as well but when changed back to 111 it=20
> reports the internal one yet again?

Sounds like a confused NAT router.

Barry Margolin, barmar at
Arlington, MA
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