DNS cluster

Will Yardley &- at no.spam.veggiechinese.net
Wed Mar 16 00:59:45 UTC 2005

On 2005-03-14, Rafa <rafaor at gmail.com> wrote:

> Currently I'm using Solaris and Freebsd but in the interest of
> homogeinity, I would use the same OS on all slaves.
> The slaves would be completely independent from each other (no shared
> storage, etc) and wouldn't even need to have the same version of bind
> (which would greatly simplify upgrades).
> Anobody done it like this?  Any issues I should be aware of?  I'd like
> to keep it as simple as possible, which is why I haven't planned on
> load balancing.

I'd definitely try to keep things as similar as possible. I know someone
using using VRRP between multiple hosts to do this; perhaps CARP would
work as well.

If possible, I'd personally suggest using a hardware load balancer type
thing if possible. A Foundry ServerIron wouldn't be that expensive.

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