Bind 9 is slow?

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Wed Mar 16 09:10:27 UTC 2005

Both has Solairs 8 with 1GB swap.

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>  Recently I have installed a secondary DNS server (Bind 9.2.3, on Sun
>  E450, single CPU and 512 MB RAM), It is working but when I try to
>  nslookup it takes 2 to 3 seconds to reply. My old secondary DNS
>  (bind 8.2.3, on Intel PIII, 512 MB RAM) with same zones does take
>  less than a second to resolve the names, what could be the reason?

	This is very unusual in my experience.  On a single CPU machine,

BIND-9 will typically be somewhat slower than BIND-8, but I believe 
it more than makes up for that with a variety of other advantages. 
In terms of the kinds of things that you'd be able to see externally, 
you should not notice a major performance difference -- you'd only 
see that if you were using tools to generate artificially high query 
loads, and you compared the numbers returned by one machine against 
the other.

	I'm a little curious what the OS differences are between these 
two machines, what the virtual memory configurations are, etc....

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