Bind 9 is slow?

Tom Schmitt TomSchmitt at
Thu Mar 17 15:39:42 UTC 2005

>  At 10:05 AM +0300 2005-03-16, MJ wrote:
>  Recently I have installed a secondary DNS server (Bind 9.2.3, on Sun
>  E450, single CPU and 512 MB RAM), It is working but when I try to
>  nslookup it takes 2 to 3 seconds to reply.

You defenitly have a problem. A time of 2 or more seconds to resolve a query
is very unusual. I would think, it might be a timeout-problem, maybe a wrong
entry in your /etc/resolv.conf

I have a very similar machine: An old SUN with SUN 2.6, one CPU with 450 MHz
and 512 MB RAM. On the machine are also running a few Perl-scripts, an
apache and a DHCP-server with about tenthousand clients. The named is
version 9.2.1 and has an average of 330 queries per second (hosting about
200 000 records).

In this configuration the named need 15 to 20 percent of the CPU-Power and
when I try a dig on this machine (local) I get a response time from 2 to 5
Please note the m in front of the sec.
Your 2 to 3 sec must be a timeout of something or worse.

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