refresh: failure trying master xx.xx.xx.xx#53: timed out

Stephane RENOUX srenoux at
Thu Mar 17 16:34:55 UTC 2005

ol, ul{margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px;} Hello,
I currently have 2 running dns servers, master and slave for a few zones.
I am now setting up a third one, which is not ( yet ) defined as a NS in my
this third server logs are full of
general: info: zone refresh: failure trying master timed out

if  i add this new server as a NS for a zone, that zone is well transferred
from the primary.

my question is, is it necessary to set this new dns server as a NS for each
zone in order to get this zones refreshed or transferred?
Isn't it possible to get the zones refreshed even if the server isn't
authoritative for a domain?
what option should I look at on my primary server ( as i think the problem
ison the primary ) ?
i've placed the new server IP in the "allow-transfer" and "also-notify " of
my primary server, but it doesn't seem to be enough...
Any suggestion welcome...


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