zone refresh timeout

Stephane srenoux at
Thu Mar 17 09:21:36 UTC 2005


I currently have 2 dns servers running, slave and master, holding the
same domains zones, which have 2 NS defined as this 2 servers.

I now want to set up a third nameserver. I configured it and it is
running, answering to dig queries.
It holds the same zones as my slave nameserver.
But it can't refresh the zones it holds, as shown in the logs:
general: info: zone refresh: failure trying master timed out

If i define this new nameserver as a NS in a domain zone, the zone is
well refreshed.
So my question is, am I forced to declare this new nameserver as a NS
in each zone on the primary in order to have this zone refreshed on
the new dns server?
can't i just get a refreshed copy of the zone when it's ttl has
I've watched the configuration, but didn't find a way to do that... so
i ask...


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