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Eivind Olsen eivind at
Thu Mar 17 21:44:21 UTC 2005

--On 17. mars 2005 04:35 -0800 geoffers <geoffamer at> wrote:
> can anyone help with this error message I keep getting when sending
> from work?  It receives e-amils from hotmail and Yahoo OK?
>     "It appears that the DNS operator for
> has installed an invalid MX record with an IP address
> instead of a domain name on the right hand side"

Well, if is the domain name you're sending from when at work... 
The MX record for that domain is invalid, just like the fault message said.

Here's the MX record:              3600    IN      MX      5

It lists "" as the mailserver for the domain, but a 
MX record like this should not point directly at an IP-address, it should 
point at a name instead (which in turn points to an IP-address).

One example could be:              3600    IN      MX      5         3600    IN      A

Regards / Hilsen
Eivind Olsen
<eivind at>

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