private network hints

Schroeder, AJ aj1 at
Thu Mar 17 21:58:56 UTC 2005

"KD5ZMG" <my00sc00by at> wrote in message
news:d1cr7a$2k84$1 at
> I am setting up a private network that is not going to
> talk to the root servers on the internet.  Can I
> create a hints file that points to the other domains
> and will BIND look at this file to resolve the other
> domain names that I define in that custom hints file?
> TY...
> Mark C.
In my experience hints are hints, and whatever information you put in there
BIND will attempt to query no matter what. BIND's bigget concern is that it
actually *has* a hints file rather than what is in the hints file.

Out of curiosity, why are you setting your server up this way? If this is a
secondary server, wouldn't forwarding be a better option?


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